Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky continues to be a lightning rod

The jury is still out on the Chicago Bears quarterback.

It was a day full of emotional swings for Chicago Bears fans. They battled the Detroit Lions for most of the first half until a late touchdown pushed the lead to seven. After falling gown by 17 points, the team, led by Mitchell Trubisky, came storming back to score the last 21 points of the game to sneak out of Detroit with a victory.

It was a fantastic 4th quarter performance for Trubisky who was 8-10 for 89 yards and three touchdowns for a rating of 143.3. He capped off the comeback with what has to be one of the best throws of his career. On the first play after the two-minute warning, Trubisky threw a 27-yard beauty to Anthony Miller for what would be the eventual game-winning score.

In doing so, Trubisky added to his already stellar resume against the Lions. However, focusing on the 4th quarter alone would be short-sighted. The fact of the matter is, if the offense — mainly Trubisky — had played better up till that point, they would not have needed a remarkable comeback.

But therein lies the rub. Trubisky’s career has been characterized as inconsistent at best, and this game served as a microcosm of that narrative. Look at the second series of the game as emblematic of this point. He threw a great pass to Jimmy Graham on third down which was incomplete due to an ill-timed jump by the tight end. However, he followed it up with a throw that was a good yard behind intended receiver Ted Ginn Jr on the next play.

On the next series, he threw a dart to Allen Robinson that probably should have been a touchdown (though he may have been interfered with). Then he airmails a pass to Miller that almost looked like a missed read.

But Trubisky is like the drive you hit on the 18th tee box after a terrible round. It’ll get you back to the course the next day because you tell yourself “if I can just repeat what I did on that drive, I’d be in great shape.”

As Bears fans, we have often found ourselves yearning for Mitch to play closer to his highs than to his lows. Unfortunately, the debate over Trubisky will continue heading into Week 2. Until he strings together more consistent performances, he will continue to be a lightning rod for debate among fans.