Chicago Blackhawks: Corey Crawford’s contract rumor feels strange

The Chicago Blackhawks have apparently given Corey Crawford a contract extension offer.

The Chicago Blackhawks have given Corey Crawford an offer on a contract extension according to Scott Powers of “The Athletic”. It is rumored, according to Powers, to be for one year at 3.5 million dollars. This is an interesting deal and one that doesn’t make much sense for the Blackhawks at this time. They don’t really have a future number one goalie plan so it feels like they should give Crawford more than one year at this point. Scott Powers also tells us that the two sides will continue to negotiate terms.

Corey Crawford is going to be 36 when the season begins so saying he is on the back nine of his career is an understatement. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get at least a two-year deal as he has proven that he can still get it done for the Hawks. He split time with Robin Lehner in 2019-20 and they were both very good.

They traded Lehner at the trade deadline because they were way out of the postseason and he was on an expiring contract. Crawford was also on an expiring contract but they obviously went into the deadline believing that they can extend him. Well, COVID-19 gave the Hawks a second chance and they were the final Western Conference team to be invited to the “Return to Play” bubble.

Keeping Crawford looked good in hindsight because he was great in their series win over the Edmonton Oilers to get into the playoffs. He was very good in the first round of the actual playoffs against the Vegas Golden Knights despite their defeat in five games. Crawford, including this year, has been everything you can ask for in a franchise goalie and more.

The reason that this extension talk is strange is the one-year concept. It seems like the Hawks are all-in on winning next year so if that is the case then there should be no reason they don’t believe they can’t be good the following year either. It feels like Crawford should be getting a two-year deal so that they can have a goalie plan in the short term. With that said, having Crawford back for one more year would be better than having him leave in free agency.