Chicago Bears: Official depth chart brings intrigue, questions

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Chicago Bears, Depth Chart

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bears have released their first full, official depth chart.

The unorthodox version of NFL training camp is finally over and the Chicago Bears have their starting quarterback. For those following along, head coach Matt Nagy announced that fourth-year veteran Mitchell Trubisky did in fact beat out Nick Foles for the job.

But, how long will the leash be on Trubisky? That’s the big question. If you’re the eternal optimist, this is going to be Trubisky’s authentic breakout season. The 2018 campaign seemed fluky after watching last year, but for the truthers out there, 2020 is going to be the year for Mitch to make it happen.

Those in doubt believe Foles will become the guy within the first month or so, because the Bears’ first four games are against what should be a few of the softer defenses around the league. Nonetheless, fans want to see the team win games. That’s it. Seeing the Bears win will overcome any quarterback differences between the fan base.

To bounce back from a bummer of a 2019 season, the Bears added some unique names via the draft and free agency this year. Many of them stuck around and will play big parts of this year’s squad, but most of the starters from last year are still intact.

That’s what this team has going for them, overall, They do have some strong continuity amongst them. In fact, going down to even the practice squad, the Bears’ roster is comprised almost entirely of guys who were in camp this year — and a good majority were from last year’s team.

On Monday, Chicago released the first official depth chart featuring all of these guys. While many spots are fairly non-surprising, there are some interesting questions and concerns. Let’s take a look at the entire depth chart, starting on offense.

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