Chicago Bears: Reality of the quarterback competition outcome

The Friday announcement that Chicago Bears Mitchell Trubisky won the quarterback competition was a golden opportunity for truthers to gloat and say I told you so.

The perfect time for Chicago Bears fans to pull up past quotes from media and bloggers and stick the crying laughing emoji above it. Stick it to the “blog boys, stat nerds” who mostly were just giving their fair observation of Mitchell Trubisky over his first three years in the league. That part of the fan base celebrated what Trubisky (a former #2 overall pick) was supposed to do. Especially when you consider the advantages he had coming into the competition.

What I simply do not understand is the excitement from this portion of the fan base celebrating in this magnitude. In the same offseason, Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans fans celebrated Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson‘s contract extensions. The Watson contract extension news, not even 24 hours after Trubisky was declared the winner of the quarterback competition should feel like a gut punch to Bears fans.

The news just served a reminder to Bears fans where the team currently stands with the most important position in all of sports. A position where a large majority of the time if you do not have a good-to-elite quarterback you give the franchise less of a chance to win a super bowl. It is a small victory for the Trubisky truthers. However, when you scroll down your twitter feed and see Mahomes and Watson with their big-money extensions. All while #10 will be looking over his shoulder each week entering his 4th year in the league. Should you really be sticking your chest out?

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It is encouraging to hear the news that Trubisky looked like a different quarterback during training camp. The best outcome for this competition was always Trubisky figuring it out (which is still yet to be determined). If he proved that he has put it all together it is a win for every part of the fan base. 2020 will be a final verdict on not just his tenure with the Bears, but who he is as a quarterback moving forward into his career.