Chicago Bears: Trubisky’s first 3 seasons mean nothing, 2020 says it all

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears announced their starting quarterback and Mitchell Trubisky’s past means nothing, it’s all about his future.

For Mitchell Trubisky, this offseason filled with chaos was a big challenge for him. The Chicago Bears brought in Nick Foles, who Matt Nagy loves, and the fanbase lost faith in Trubisky. Instead of sitting there and losing the starting quarterback job, Trubisky worked with Jeff Christensen on his throwing mechanics, along with straightening out issues with his throwing shoulder.

Fixing throwing mechanics is one thing, earning the trust from your head coach is another thing. Trubisky has the vote of confidence from his coaches to start the season, but that doesn’t mean anything if he cannot perform under the bright lights.

Not only does Trubisky need to win games, but he also has to play well enough where there’s no doubt left in the minds of coaches and teammates on who the starting quarterback should be. Trubisky cannot start the season slow and expect to keep his job. He has to win games and put up numbers to back up his offseason work.

The first three seasons means nothing going forward for Trubisky. It’s all about the 2020 NFL season. If Trubisky can go out, lead the Bears to the playoffs, and win a playoff game or two, he’s proven the coaches right and will keep his job in 2021. If he struggles this season and the team misses the playoffs again, Trubisky will be a free agent and will likely be out of Chicago.

It’s time for fans to stop comparing him to other quarterbacks and remember how young he actually is. He started one year in college and was drafted high to a team that was in the midst of rebuilding with no offensive weapons. This season, it’s Year 3 with a few of these offensive weapons, along with Chicago, hopefully, figuring out the tight end position.

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Trubisky might never put up the stats Patrick Mahomes does, but that doesn’t mean he can’t become a solid quarterback for the Chicago Bears and stay here for the long-term. Fans, it’s time to put your trust in Trubisky one last time. It’ll be worth it.