Chicago Bears: 3 practical thoughts on David Montgomery injury

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Chicago Bears, David Montgomery
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2. It could have been much worse

Looking at the glass half full, here, the Montgomery injury could have seen a much worse outcome.

Non-contact injuries are some of the scariest in the sport. Most of them result in things like a torn ACL, MCL or meniscus. We’ve even seen torn Achilles’ from that scenario. The fact that Montgomery looks to be coming away with a groin injury is far less worrying.

Initially, fans were in a tussle. For that first few minutes following the report of an injury, there were a lot of folks who braced themselves for the worst.

Alas, Nagy told the media that he believes it is not a serious injury. With that said, though, we must remember the Trey Burton situation. That was not a positive scenario for a groin injury — like a groin injury could actually be a positive? Every man just raised an eyebrow.

All in all, it is indeed a positive. But, the Bears have to be careful here. Allow Montgomery to take his time, get back to 100 percent and, if need be, bring in another back.