Chicago Bulls: Three head coach candidates to avoid

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Chicago Bulls, Mark Jackson
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Potential coach #1: Mark Jackson

Former Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson is commonly brought up when there’s an NBA coaching vacancy. It definitely makes sense when you think about the Warriors team he helped build, and how they became a potential dynasty just after he was fired.

Jackson is currently a commentator on NBA games for ESPN. It’s a relatively easy, well-paying job that allows him to still be very close to the game of basketball. It may be tough to tempt someone like Jackson away from that spot.

Even though he’s often quiet when an NBA coach is fired, Jackson recently said publicly that he’s open to coaching again in the NBA. It’s tempting for a team like the Bulls, who desperately need someone with an eye for young talent and developing core players.

As tempting as hiring Jackson may be, it’s really not worth it in my opinion. It’s too long for me to explain in this slide, but Jackson had a rough relationship with team ownership during his time in Golden State.

He wasn’t exactly well-liked by his superiors, and he was also involved in controversy off the court at that time. He was allegedly extorted for money on two separate occasions during his time as Warriors head coach.

There are detailed reports of his discretions outside of basketball that may have been a distraction at that time. It doesn’t exactly paint a portrait of someone you’d want as a leader.

I’ll leave it to you to read up on that, but let’s just say he’s a polarizing figure. That’s not something the Bulls need in a head coach considering how Boylen operated.