Chicago Blackhawks: Legends showed up to play despite odds

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Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane
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The Chicago Blackhawks saw their legends come to play hard despite the long odds.

The Chicago Blackhawks have had many legends play for them in the past decade. They have come in and developed within the organization at different paces but all came together to win the Stanley Cup three times in six years. They have seen role players come and go but the core has always remained the same. Some of them, however, deserve a lot of credit for the way they have played in the bubble. They made it past the Edmonton Oilers to get into the first round against the Vegas Golden Knights.

Things didn’t go well against Vegas but pretty much everyone saw that coming. It was a shocker to see them get past the Oilers but Vegas is a whole new animal. With that said, the previously mentioned legends deserve so much credit for how they played this year.

It wasn’t an easy situation for them to be a part of. Management has really made things hard on them during the second half of their careers. They don’t deserve what Stan Bowman and his management group have done to the team but they deserve even more respect for how they have handled themselves and played.

Brent Seabrook is one of the best defensemen in the history of the Chicago Blackhawks but he isn’t included in this. Injuries and possibly more kept him from going to the bubble with the Chicago Blackhawks so he didn’t have an impact on the team getting past Edmonton or the fight they showed against Vegas. These are the four legends deserve a lot of credit: