Chicago Blackhawks: Coaching/management changes are a must

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The Chicago Blackhawks definitely need a change at the coaching/management positions.

It was really fun to watch the Chicago Blackhawks defeat the Edmonton Oilers in the play-in round. The Oilers are a much better team but Chicago prevailed and took advantage of the opportunity that the circumstances gave to them. Well, they were humbled fast when they were matched up against the Vegas Golden Knights in the first round of the playoffs. There are still a lot of things to address about the offseason but it is clear that they need to make some big changes.

There are changes that need to be made on the ice but the big changes need to come in the coaching and management positions. The Blackhawks need to fire Stan Bowman. He has been a guy that they need to get rid of for a few years now and not doing it has caused them to be in the position that they are currently in. He has made bad trades, been bad at drafting and developing, and making the wrong moves in pretty much everything else related to hockey ops.

One of Stan’s biggest mistakes that he has ever made was the firing of Joel Quenneville. He let that guy (the greatest coach of all time) go in favor of Jeremy Colliton. Well, Colliton is bad at his job. Nobody is saying he can’t ever grow into a good coach but he is not good right now and needs to go. There were so many issues in the regular season that led to them (pre-COVID-19) missing the playoffs and when they were in the playoffs it was even worse.

Colliton took ice away from a guy like Brandon Saad to give John Quenneville minutes. He was awful in that game. He made like one good defensive play and was a disaster with the puck on his stick. After watching that all game, Colliton had him out there down a goal with three minutes left in the third period. That is unacceptable. After the game, when asked about that, Colliton claimed that they have liked Quenneville all year long. They liked him so much that they sent him down after nine NHL games early in the season and he wasn’t back up until the bubble.

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This might get worse on the ice before it gets better. It is a shame because the Chicago legends on this team like Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, Patrick Kane, and Corey Crawford were still so awesome and the second half of their careers are being wasted. Hopefully, they clean the house and are able to turn this around quickly because 2019-20 was pathetic overall.