Chicago Blackhawks: Expect a big Game 5 from Alex DeBrincat

(Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks should get a big game out of Alex DeBrincat in game five.

The Chicago Blackhawks won a game four that they probably didn’t deserve to win as much as some of the other games. That, my friends, is hockey for you. You don’t always deserve to win or lose, you just have to do what is necessary to come out ahead. Well, hockey is a team game and Corey Crawford is a part of the team. His 48 saves on 49 shots helped Chicago get it done. One other player of note going into game five besides Crawford is Alex DeBrincat.

DeBrincat has been a bit snakebitten since the return to play. He has been very noticeable over the past two games but couldn’t put a puck past a goalie to save his life. Well, he was rewarded with an empty-net goal in the final moments of game four to seal the victory for the Hawks. That was a great way to end a stretch of great chances for the kid known as “The Cat”.

Well, now that the monkey is off his back he should be able to get going here. He has looked really good in these last few games so now he should really be able to produce. Confidence is key in hockey so hopefully getting his first out of the way springs some confidence for him. He is a big part of the Blackhawks’ attack and needs to be productive for them to win games. He is one of the leaders as far as depth beyond the stars.

While it seems like DeBrincat is on the verge of getting it going, the Blackhawks could really use a bit more offensive flair from said stars like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. People who know how hockey works know that Vegas playing the way that they play is a large reason for Toews and Kane not having the same numbers they did against Edmonton. If they were able to make a big play each in game five, they would have a really good chance to win the game.

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This game is another elimination game for this team. Corey Crawford playing well and DeBrincat buzzing around with more confidence might need to happen again in order to avoid leaving the bubble. Crawford in 14-5 all-time in elimination games for the Hawks. He has been money in the past so it is time to see if he can keep it going again. If they win game-five to force game six, then we really could be talking about an interesting series here.