Chicago Bears: Bold predictions for tight ends in 2020

Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Cole Kmet
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The Chicago Bears have had a weak run of it at the tight end position in recent years, but we boldly predict 2020 will be different.

A weak run? A weak run might be having to trot out Kellen Davis as your starting tight end for an entire season — which some Chicago Bears fans might remember a little while back. That was a weak run, but at least Davis offered some athleticism, despite his problematic hands.

The Bears’ 2019 tight end group was much worse than just a weak run. It was an all-out embarrassment.

So, what? Ryan Pace signed Jimmy Graham to a contract that most teams likely wouldn’t have; and drafted Cole Kmet at a spot where some considered it a reach. Is that really unforgivable considering the debacle at the position last season?

How quickly we forget the level of incompetence the Bears saw at tight end in 2019 between Adam ShaheenTrey BurtonBen Braunecker, among others. We’ll go into, once more, just how bad these guys were last year in just a moment.

But, how about we try some positivity for once? I’ll admit: It’s easy to have a negative outlook as a Bears fan. For the most part, we’re used to the negativity, especially at the quarterback position. But, when it comes to the tight end spot, Pace ensured the Bears will at least be better than they were before.

How much better will they be than 2019? That remains to be seen. But, if these bold predictions hold true, we will see a vast improvement at the tight end position in Chicago. Call it wishful thinking. Call it crazy. Call it whatever you want, but let’s get into it.