Chicago Cubs: Three Jose Quintana trades with the Atlanta Braves

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The Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves might be good trade partners for Jose Quintana.

The Chicago Cubs already know that they got fleeced by the Chicago White Sox in the Jose Quintana deal. There are so many better pitchers they could have gotten for Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease but they took the guy who had multiple years of being cost controlled. Well, now he injured himself while washing dishes and it looks like it might not even be worth it to bring him into the rotation again. It might be a good time to move on from him early before you have to make a decision on the lineup.

There is a team out there who believes they are contenders that could really use a fifth starter right about now. The Atlanta Braves lost Mike Soroka for the rest of the season because he tore his Achilles. It is one of those injuries that is super gross to look at but it is so serious and will take a while to recover from. The Braves need to fill that spot quickly before it is too late. Quintana is on an expiring contract so the Cubs might be smart to just go for a reliever at this point with him.

Quintana isn’t going to go in there and be the face of their franchise or anything like that but I think we can all agree he can provide another Major League arm. The reason he gets so much hate is because of who he was traded for. If he went to Atlanta in a deal that made sense, things might go a bit more smooth for him. If the Braves felt they needed someone quickly, these trades might get it done: