Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky shows why fans root so hard for him

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

It’s so easy to root for the Chicago Bears quarterback.

There has been endless debate over who should be the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears in 2020. It feels like Bears fans are split pretty evenly between Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles. There are certainly arguments in favor of each, but most of them center around their play on the field.

However, there is a reason, unrelated to on-the-field performance that so many fans are pulling hard for Trubisky to succeed.

This piece is not meant to rehash the skillsets of the respective quarterbacks. It’s really to celebrate the reasons Trubisky’s teammates love him and why fans pull for him, as told through his latest example of kindness.

We all heard stories of Mitch helping linemen get their pads on and off as a rookie, or being the first player in the building and the last one out.

And despite all of the criticism he faces, he has never let that impact who he is as a person, which is someone who is genuine, sincere, and appreciates the platform he has as the Bears’ quarterback.

On July 12th, Jack Roche, a 21-year-old Oak Lawn resident and equipment manager for the University of Kansas football team, was tragically killed when he was struck by a vehicle crossing a busy street. He was universally beloved and had an infectious spirit.

No doubt a heartbreaking moment for his family, who are likely enduring unimaginable pain, but trying to find comfort in memories of Jack and the things he loved — like Chicago Bears football and their quarterback, Mitch Trubisky.

Trubisky became aware that Jack was a fan and sought to ease that family’s pain through a simple gesture. Trubisky privately sent the family a heartfelt note expressing his deepest sympathies for their loss along with a signed jersey.  It was not lost on this observer that the note was handwritten on a page clearly torn from a personal notebook. It did not come typed on Bears letterhead, written by an intern. No — it was as authentic as it gets because that’s who Mitch is as a person.

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It’s easy to see why Mitch is loved by his teammates and fans, and why everyone is pulling so hard for him to succeed. The kid gets what it means to have a platform as the player at the most popular position on the most popular team in Chicago, and kudos to him for using it in a positive way.