Chicago Blackhawks: McDavid’s exhibition should scare everyone

The Chicago Blackhawks already knew they should be scared of Connor McDavid.

The Chicago Blackhawks still have their exhibition game tonight to fine-tune their game against the St. Louis Blues. It is going to be a wonderful chance to play against another team. Well, their upcoming Stanley Cup qualifier opponent, the Edmonton Oilers, played in their one exhibition game on Tuesday night and it was very telling. The game had a few things for the Hawks to go to school on so they can take advantage but there was also something to be concerned about.

The Oilers looked like they sat back after having a lead there for a while. That is something that the Blackhawks have the speed and skill to take advantage of if Edmonton tries to pull that stuff against them. That is the one thing that this game against the Flames can do to help them in a positive manner.

The thing that happened that should scare them is something that was already pretty obvious. Although things in sports might seem obvious at times, it never really hits you until you see it with your own two eyes. Well, the play of Connor McDavid in this exhibition game should absolutely scare everyone.

It was one of those nights that an opponent did a rather good job of containing McDavid. He didn’t have an even-strength shot until the third period. With that said, he still managed to have two goals. The problem is that his first shot that came in the third period was a goal. He also had a power-play goal earlier in the game. The Flames played well against him and he still figured out a way to burn them more than once.

Nobody is able to contain McDavid in the neutral zone. He has the ability to skate the puck through it with elite speed and create something for himself or a teammate once he is in the offensive zone. He is the best player in the world and we all knew it but it is even more apparent when you watch him play.

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The Flames have a way better defense than the Hawks do so this could be bad. If he was able to score two against a team that played decent against him how is he going to do against a team with a brutal even-strength defense? It is exciting that hockey is back and the Hawks are involved but they better come up with a plan for number 97.

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