Chicago Bears Rumors: The truth on Nick Foles opt-out whispers

Over the past 24 hours, Chicago Bears fans have had mixed information regarding quarterback Nick Foles and his plans for the 2020 season.

This Chicago Bears training camp is going to be different for many reasons, but one of them in particular has had fans in a ruckus for a while now. The Bears are going to hold a real quarterback competition; this after trading for veteran Nick Foles.

It will be between he and former no. 2 overall pick Mitchell Trubisky, a kid who many are out on in terms of his overall development and future as a starter.

But, over the last couple of days, this competition has been in doubt for some reason. Why?

There are a certain select few who bought into a rumor in regards to Foles opting out of this year’s NFL season due to he and his wife Tori welcoming a baby boy in June. Foles’ newest member to the family, Duke, was the center of several whispers and why or why not Foles would or should opt out of the 2020 season.

Obviously, there are health concerns related to the coronavirus as we have already seen several players opt out of the 2020 season. With Foles and his wife having a newborn, this was a practical concern by many. However, some took the concern too far and began spreading a false report which stated Foles will elect to opt out of this coming season.

There were even verified accounts all over Twitter buying into the rumor as though it was true.

John Clark of NBC Sports Philly gave us all the news we were waiting for — a firm, concrete report from a legitimate reporter who knew the family from Foles’ time spent with the Eagles.

Alas, we know the truth. Foles will be there for training camp and plans to play this season, despite the rumors. The Bears will indeed have a quarterback competition.

This competition, though, will be unique. With training camp closed to the public and fans counting on select media to give us the goods, it may be hard to judge what exactly is happening.

Head coach Matt Nagy very well could hide his decision from the public, as to not give the Detroit Lions any ammunition to work with for Week 1. It could be in the team’s best interest to keep the starting quarterback a secret until last minute, which will absolutely drive fans crazy.

Will it be the former Super Bowl MVP in Foles, or the kid who is easy to cheer for but often debated? That is the biggest question surrounding training camp. Fortunately for the Bears, they will get to see that unfold in its fullest capacity now that we know Foles plans to play this year.