Chicago Bears: Of course there is no preseason in 2020

The Chicago Bears could have really used a preseason in 2020, but of course, it is canceled.

The Chicago Bears could have really used a preseason. They have been pretty useless in the preseason in Matt Nagy’s tenure with the team because he has refused to use his starters in most games. One year he ended up being the coach of the year so nobody questioned it and in year two he was awful so it looked bad in hindsight. This was probably going to be a year where he used that preseason time wisely.

It is especially tough because this is the first time in Matt Nagy’s Bears tenure that he has had to be a part of a quarterback competition. Mitchell Trubisky was the second overall pick in the 2017 NHL Draft by the Bears but he is one bad year away from being cut by the team. They traded a fourth-round pick for former Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles.

One of those guys is going to be under center if COVID-19 doesn’t cause any issues for the season. Neither of them is the true option that you want but with a defense like the Bears have, you need to have two options and go with the better player. Not having a preseason is going to make it difficult to decide who truly deserves to be the guy.

The coaching staff is going to have to use what they see in training camp to determine who deserves the Week 1 start. A lot of people think Trubisky has the edge in this situation but Foles is no stranger to the type of offense that Matt Nagy likes to run.

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Outside of the quarterback competition, you can also argue that this is a benefit for the Bears. Nobody might buy the argument but it is true that most of the Bears players are used to barely playing in the preseason while some of their opponents might not be. Either way, it just seems to be so in line with Bears’ history for there not to be a preseason because of a health crisis in a year where they really could have used some exhibition games to sort a few things out.

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