Kirby Dach has a chance to be big for the Chicago Blackhawks

Kirby Dach might really be able to step up big for the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Chicago Blackhawks are going into their series against the Edmonton Oilers as underdogs. The Oilers aren’t as good as some of the other top teams in the league but they have some of the most dangerous offensive fire-power in the world.  That means that the Blackhawks are going to have to try and match it which is going to be difficult. One person who might be a key to that happening is rookie forward Kirby Dach.

Dach was the third overall pick in the 2019 NHL Draft. He made the team out of camp which was really impressive for a teenager and he had some ebbs and flows during the season. When he makes a big play, you can see the skill that earned him that high draft status. There are also times where he has looked like a rookie.

There has been a lot of time off now thanks to COVID-19 and Dach seems to be ready to go. In all of the Blackhawks’ practices and inter-squad scrimmages, Dach has looked really good. Even a guy like Patrick Kane had some nice things to say about Dach and his future as a player.

For a guy like Patrick Kane to recognize talent like that, it means something because Kane is a hockey legend at this point. Dach has been making plays all over the place to create chances for himself and his teammates. That is usually the sign of a player who develops into a top-player in the NHL.

Dach makes a great play to Dominik Kubalik here and that is a duo that can do some serious damage in the playoffs. The teams that do the best in a short series are the ones who get something from the entire group. Dach had a chance to use the time off for development and it seems like he might have. He appears quicker, stronger, and a better skater already. That can make all of the difference in this series.

Dach and the Blackhawks are going to take on these Oilers in a five game series and that begins on August 1st. This is a big test for a team that can score but can’t defend all that well. Dach’s production could have a significant impact on how this goes and it is certainly going to be fun to watch.