Chicago Blackhawks: Jeremy Roenick should be in Hall of Fame

The Chicago Blackhawks had some incredible teams in the 1990s and Jeremy Roenick played a very big part in that for a lot of those teams.

Jeremy Roenick as a person has mixed reviews from people across the NHL world but there is no doubt that he was an incredible National Hockey League player. He was especially good as a member of the Chicago Blackhawks but he was also magnificent with the other teams that he played for. It is a bit sad that despite his incredible career numbers, he is not in the Hall of Fame but he totally should be.

Roenick was a very good centerman that played well in all areas of the ice. He had a CorsiFor of 54.1 percent which is in the same realm of Marian Hossa and Jonathan Toews. Roenick’s team controlled the puck possession at even strength more than the opposition when he was on the ice. He was incredibly valuable to his team in terms of possessing the puck and creating scoring chances.

As good as JR was at scoring goals, he was equally as good at passing which is rare. He had the ability to create for himself and others around him which is why he had 513 goals and 703 assists for 1216 points in 1363 games. That is incredible production for a guy who ended up playing on a bunch of different teams. He never won any individual awards but he received votes for the Selke Trophy and Hart Trophy many times in his career.

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Roenick has been retired since 2009 so he has been eligible for the Hall of Fame for a long time now but somehow still isn’t in despite the numbers he was able to put up. There are many people in the hockey world and beyond who do not or did not like him so you have to wonder if that plays into why he isn’t in the Hall of Fame. That is up to the committee to decide ultimately, but there is little doubt that the numbers that JR put up in his NHL career warrant a nod in the Hall of Fame.

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