Chicago Cubs: Three players to trade when roster unfreezes

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Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Chicago Cubs might be forced to trade some of their highly paid players when the rosters unfreeze ahead of the 2020 season.

The Chicago Cubs are in a bad spot right now. They still might have the best roster (at least in terms of top tier talent) in the National League Central Division but that might not last very long. Some smart and informed people have started to use the phrase “Farewell Tour” to describe the 2020 season for the Chicago Cubs. It might be the last time some of these guys are together if the team does in fact start to shed some salary.

Theo Epstein is going to be gone after 2021 in all likelihood so starting now might be something that the team decides to do. It is a sad state to see this team in but maybe they’ll try to take advantage of whatever 2020 brings them. Of course, all of that negativity is simply speculation but it all makes sense based on how hard the Cubs have been hit financially as a result of COVID-19.

Some players were offered contract extensions prior to the season that was turned down and now that might look like bad decisions by them. Nobody ever predicts a global pandemic like the one we are currently going through but there is no way all of these guys end up getting the money that they thought they were going to get now.

If the Cubs are one of the teams that forces themselves to sell off some pieces and start to rebuild a little bit, there are some players that are more likely to be gone as a result. These three players are the most likely to be traded after the rosters unfreeze:

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