Chicago Bears WR weighs in on QB battle

At least one Chicago Bears player has an opinion on the quarterback battle.

For the last few months, Chicago Bears fans have debated on social media who will be the starting quarterback if, and when the 2020 season begins. In one corner, you have the incumbent, Mitchell Trubisky, the fourth-year former No. 2 overall pick. In the other corner, you have the challenger and former Super Bowl champion Nick Foles.

So which one will emerge the champion of the Bears open quarterback competition? Well, if you ask one of the wide receivers that quarterback will be throwing the ball to next season, the answer is clear — it will be Trubisky.

Ted Ginn, Jr., the 14-year veteran and newly acquired by the Bears was on Good Morning Football on the NFL Network this morning and was asked about the competition. Ginn has played with a number of quarterbacks in his career, including Colin Kaepernick, Trent Green, and Drew Brees, among others, in his 14-year career. So he seems uniquely positioned to evaluate a quarterback competition.

Despite not being able to work with Trubisky yet, and basing his evaluation solely on what he’s seen from Trubisky as an opponent, and through Zoom meetings this offseason, Ginn believes Trubisky will be the starter.

Ginn said, pretty unequivocally, “right now I believe Trubisky is going to be our starter,” but did quickly follow it up with a comment that the team is “going to fight as much as we can for any quarterback that’s back there.”

It was at least noteworthy that Ginn named Trubisky specifically. Typically, when you ask a teammate that question, you get a very measured response including superlatives for each quarterback. Rarely, though, do you get a player to give you an actual answer.

Does it matter at the end of the day who Ginn thinks will be the starter? Not really, because that decision will belong almost exclusively to Matt Nagy, with the potential for input from general manager Ryan Pace.

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Nevertheless, it is curious why he chose to name Mitch rather than take the diplomatic route. Does he know something we don’t? Does he simply believe Mitch is the better quarterback? Whatever the reason, you know have an opinion from someone on the inside and it’s at least worth noting.