Chicago Bulls: Ownership has dampened the coaching search

The Chicago Bulls have the door open to find a replacement for Jim Boylen, but ownership has not made this process an easy one.

For Chicago Bulls fans, The Last Dance could not have come at a better time. It was exactly what we needed to take our minds off of the craziness happening in the world and our sudden loss of sports as we know it.

However, for the Bulls organization in and of itself, the documentary was not kind. Obviously, we saw all of the great moments; the championships and achievements. But, we also saw the ugly side of the organization.

You’ve heard of the saying, “from the top, down,” I’m sure. Many organizations across the United States have long-lasting, happy employees because it all starts from the top, down. Leadership and ownership within these organizations are typically genuine and take their employees’ best interest into consideration when making decisions.

That isn’t exactly the case with the Bulls. Jerry Reinsdorf still owns the team, and he has long allowed the front office to treat players and coaches like dirt. Just take Jerry Krause for one example. The documentary shed a lot of light on how Krause mistreated people, and the players strongly disliked him for it.

Reinsdorf went on to allow John Paxson to be in a position of power for far too long, and the Bulls were a wreck for the majority of his time as vice president. It seemed like it was one rebuild after another, and all along, Paxson was at the helm.

So, it’s no wonder word has it that the Bulls have a poor reputation around the league. I’m pretty sure most fans could tell you that, and none of us have any inside information. It’s blatantly obvious that the Bulls have a poor reputation. If they didn’t, fans wouldn’t have been screaming for front office changes for the last decade.

Why would any up-and-coming coach want the Bulls job right now? Sure, it’s a historic sports city. It’s a large market. There’s plenty of potential cash to be made in Chicago as an iconic franchise. But, the Bulls cannot live in Michael Jordan‘s shadow any longer, and NBA coaching candidates are well aware of that fact.

The incompetence at the top has gone on for far too long. But, the hiring of Arturas Karnisovas brings hope to the future of the Bulls. Maybe, just maybe, he’s finally the one to bring real change — meaningful, lasting change.

That starts with letting go of Jim Boylen and finding a replacement. Now that the Bulls are in full-on offseason mode, the search should ramp up. Ideally, the perfect candidates are not only qualified, but up for the job.

Hopefully, Karnisovas is a strong salesman. Because, I have a feeling he’s going to have to do a cinch better than Tommy Boy in selling a coaching candidate on the Chicago Bulls.