Chicago Bears: Do not doubt David Montgomery this season

Chicago Bears (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

Chicago Bears’ running back David Montgomery is in danger of being overlooked heading into this year.

When the Chicago Bears traded up to select Iowa State running back, David Montgomery in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft there was a feeling of excitement throughout Chicago. However, many would argue that Montgomery did not fully live up to expectations as the Bears lead back during his rookie season, I would argue against that notion.

During the preseason, sparks were flying after David Montgomery arrived on the scene with a stutter-step, cutback to open space for a Bears touchdown versus the Carolina Panthers.

I mean, can you blame the fanbase for getting excited? Hell, even Bears Head Coach, Matt Nagy was gushing over Montgomery…

The Cincinnati native compiled 267 touches while racking up a total of 1,074 yards and seven total touchdowns in 2019. Montgomery proved to be a dynamic threat for the Bears out of the backfield, but my only gripe? Nagy failed to consistently feed Montgomery the ball when the Bears passing game was fluttering.

Many would argue that they expected more from Montgomery throughout his rookie year and while I could see a valid argument in relation to Montgomery’s per carry clip, I just can’t blame Montgomery for some of the rushing struggles throughout the season.

I mean, let’s be honest here — toward the end of the season, the Bears’ offense was riddled with injury and was starting third-stringers on the offensive line and at tight end.

Even Kyle Long discussed with his brother, Chris Long on his podcast, how the Bears’ offensive line lacked physicality, “If we beat you guys, could we have made a run? You said, ‘no shot, you guys weren’t physical enough.’ And I can attest to that because when we went out there it was like playing up against the varsity team in terms of pace, and physicality.”

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In any other draft class, Montgomery would have been viewed by analysts as a “steal,” given that the Bears selected him in the third round. However, because the Bears didn’t have a first or second-round selection in Montgomery’s draft class, the spotlight was dead set on him from the get-go.

Think about it — Montgomery finished second among rookies in rushing yards and tied with Josh Jacobs for first in total touchdowns amongst rookie running backs. So what Montgomery didn’t win rookie of the year? Does that translate to him not meeting the expectations that fans had for him? Absolutely not.

The Bears offense was a train wreck last season with a non-existent passing game, shaky offensive line play, and mindless play calling. If anything, you should be impressed that Montgomery was able to produce at the rate in which he was.

To compound that statement, the Bears will enter the 2020 NFL season with limited training camp time and possibly a new quarterback under center. What does this translate to? Ideally, an increased volume in touches and less defensive personnel walking down into the box. Sounds fantastic, right?

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What’s should you make of all this? Do not doubt David Montgomery entering his second season with the Bears. The Bears offense looked dangerous last year when they dedicated themselves to running the ball. If Matt Nagy truly has had an intervention on what he wants his offensive strategy to look like then it should mean a breakout season for #32.