Chicago Bears: 4 trade packages to pull the trigger on

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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

There are still a handful of players out there which the Chicago Bears should pursue in a trade. Who are they and what would it take?

The Chicago Bears are in a much better place, roster-wise, than they were just a couple months ago. General manager Ryan Pace hasn’t been perfect this offseason, but he has made significant additions which add up to an improved roster compared to the one rolled out in 2019.

Chicago made a handful of signings via free agency, but also got in on the trade game. During a time when the Houston Texans shocked the NFL world by trading DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals, the Bears made a minor headline in comparison when they dealt for quarterback Nick Foles.

Things have quieted since, but is the football world done with the big headlines? I don’t think so.

Even though the draft and free agency frenzy are both in the rear view, there are still plenty of moves that could happen around the NFL. One of the biggest names amidst trade rumors is New York Jets safety Jamal Adams. Will he end up being moved? How about his teammate, Le’Veon Bell? Some big names could still find new homes before the season begins.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are also a team to watch, as they seem to be in a complete rebuild. We are still waiting to see what happens with pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue, among maybe another player or two on that roster.

The Bears very well could use another move or two, if they were on the table. This roster is better, sure, but another addition could be the difference between fighting for a playoff spot and making a Super Bowl run.

A few players around the league would make sense to try and trade for, and Pace should be interested. Many of his moves have already signaled he’s going in a direction that screams championship run. He’s continuing to add veteran players with tons of experience. Could he make one of these deals?

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