Chicago Bulls Rumors: 5 more regular season games coming?

The Chicago Bulls have been waiting for two months to continue their season, and it just might happen soon.

It seems like it has been a lifetime since the 2019-2020 NBA season went on hold due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, us Chicago Bulls fans have had The Last Dance to keep us entertained the last month and a half.

Now that the docu-series is over, though, we’re back to wondering when we will see live NBA basketball return this year, if at all.

A new rumor from a couple of different people says that the season could start back up in late June, with practices beginning June 21st and five more regular season games taking place before the postseason.

High-end fashion and sneaker designer John Geiger tweeted the other day that the NBA is coming back on that date, and Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie chimed in with what he had heard as well.

Following that pair of tweets, Geiger went on to tweet: “NBA playoffs July 25th.”

Of course, the playoffs won’t apply to the Bulls, but the final five regular season games will — and they could tell us a lot about the future of this team.

During the pandemic, the Bulls have kept busy by rearranging and rebuilding their front office. Bringing in Arturas Karnisovas was the first major step, as he now has full control of all basketball decisions as the vice president of operations.

Now that Karnisovas has continued to revamp his front office, we are all left wondering just what exactly will finally happen with head coach Jim Boylen. There have been many counteractive reports throughout the last couple of months, with some stating that John Paxson likes Boylen and wants him to stick around.

The issue is, the players might not like Boylen — and that could matter significantly to Karnisovas.

What will happen during those final five games?

Obviously, they should be coming out with plenty of passion and excitement having not played for a couple of months. But, will there be anything that lets us know about the future of Boylen?

My assumption is that Boylen’s exit is a foregone conclusion at this point, but that the head coach simply either doesn’t want to admit it or he is in denial.

Nevertheless, Bulls fans will get five more regular season games if this report holds up. Regardless, fans get to see playoff basketball — on television, at least. There will likely be no fans in attendance for these games, but the season will finally resume. That’s the important part.

Then, the real offseason begins. That’s when we get to see what Karnisovas’ plans really are. Things are looking up, Bulls fans. Keep holding on.

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