Chicago Bears: Three trade packages for Dak Prescott

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Chicago Bears, Dak Prescott

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bears need a quarterback. Well, if Dak Prescott doesn’t want to be a member of the Dallas Cowboys the Bears should take advantage.

The Chicago Bears are in the middle of nowhere right now. They have one of the best defenses in the National Football League and you can claim it is the best. With that said, they were still a lousy team in 2019 because the offense was awful. The reason they were awful was that they couldn’t move the ball. It’s not like they turned the ball over a lot but they just couldn’t score points.

In order to take advantage of this elite defense, you need to make their lives a lot easier. That will happen if they are ever able to get this offense on the right track. That can only happen if they improve in one specific position. The quarterback has to be much better than what Mitchell Trubisky was in 2019 otherwise they will have another mediocre year.

They somewhat addressed the problem when they brought in Nick Foles this offseason to try and make things right. The problem is, we have no idea which Nick Foles it is that is coming to town. He has been great at times with the Philadelphia Eagles and even won them a Super Bowl in place of the injured Carson Wentz. However, he has been pretty bad when given the keys to a franchise.

A certain Dallas Cowboys quarterback named Dak Prescott has been in the news lately. There are rumors that he turned down a huge contract extension with them that would make him the highest-paid quarterback in the history of the NFL. If that is true and the Cowboys end up wanting to move him, the Chicago Bears should look into it. These are three packages that might get it done:

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