Chicago Bears get disrespected by 3 major outlets

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
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Even though there is reason to believe the Chicago Bears have a better outlook than last season, a few major outlets continue to hate on them.

The 2019 NFL season was mostly a bust for the Chicago Bears. Let’s get that out of the way real quick. It was a bust — it was, really, a major disappointment.

General manager Ryan Pace thought he had something going after winning the NFC North with a 12-4 record and finding themselves in a playoff berth, but that loss to the Philadelphia Eagles stung. In fact, in may have stung so bad that some of the players never recovered, because it showed in their play.

Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was a huge regressor in 2019. After thinking the team may have been on to something, seeing him break out in a couple of games that season, this past year was a complete dud. It was clear that Trubisky had taken a step back and, realistically, might not be ready for the big stage — like, ever.

So, this offseason, Pace made some changes. He brought in a bunch of new coaches, specifically on offense, to help right the ship. Head coach Matt Nagy is committed to running the ball more, and hopefully the offensive line improves their play. That was a big area which regressed from 2018 as well.

In all objectivity, this team has a ton of talent. The defense is still stacked at every level. The offense does, indeed, have playmakers. It all hinges on the quarterback, and for now, we’re not quite sure exactly who that will be — although many of us have a preference.

So, do we feel good about this Bears team, as fans? I would think so. I’d like to think us fans feel good enough that we’re hoping for a playoff spot — maybe a Wild Card berth. But, are we expecting to be bottom-feeders? Absolutely not.

There are some major outlets, right now, who see the Bears as nothing more than a joke to be had. Recently, the team has been the butt of a few jokes, and at this point, I am a little fed up with these shots at the Bears.