Chicago Bulls: The greatest team to ever play basketball

Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel /Allsport
Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel /Allsport /

The Chicago Bulls were the greatest basketball dynasty of all time and “The Last Dance” proved it in episode 10 of this great series.

Episode ten of “The Last Dance” streamed on Sunday night which ended one of the best documentaries made in a very long time. As you know by now, the ten-part series went over the Chicago Bulls dynasty and in particular, the last championship won in 1998 to cap off their sixth title in eight years. It was an incredible time for the city of Chicago and all the people who live there and love sports.

The dynasty had great players play for them over the eight years like Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, Horace Grant, and of course, the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan. Jordan was the main focus of the documentary as he led the way during one of the most dominant stretches by any team in any sport.

This episode showed that the 1990s Chicago Bulls were the greatest team to ever play basketball. There are some teams that had great stretches like the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, and Golden State Warriors but nobody was as dominant as those Bulls teams. They had everything they needed from the game’s best player, another top-five player, an elite coach, one of the best defensive players in history, and unparalleled depth.

Episode ten took you through the final series they had in 1998 and how it all ended. It is very sad that it had to end the way it did but it was clearly the greatest team in the history of the sport. The way the episode should make you feel is excited that it happened for the team that played in Chicago. It wasn’t New York or Los Angeles, it was sweet home Chicago. Michael Jordan helped put the Bulls on the map.

The way the episode ended after they won the title, however, was very disappointing. Jerry Krause didn’t have any interest in keeping the team together for whatever reason. You never know what they could have done had they stayed together for the 1998-99 season but it is a shame we will always have to wonder. They went into a rebuild after that and other than the few Derrick Rose years, things still haven’t been the same since.

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Overall, the way this documentary ended was very entertaining despite Krause ruining the whole thing. They went over the whole Bulls’ timeline while Michael Jordan was there and took it all the way to the team letting everyone go their separate ways after the 1998 title. This is a series that all sports fans need to watch at one point or another.