Chicago Cubs: Three players who could be a DH

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The Chicago Cubs might have to use a designated hitter if baseball comes back and only a few on their team fit the bill to fill that role.

The Chicago Cubs and the rest of the National League might be forced to use a designated hitter if baseball comes back in 2020. Everyone just wants to see baseball and they just might get it. Well, if the Cubs have to have a DH, that changes the entire dynamic of their lineup. They have a couple of players who could fit into that slot depending on certain situations.

David Ross is a first-year manager and it will surely be interesting to see how he handles it. Ross has played in both the American and National League and was great in both. You would think that he has a nice grasp on how to handle that position. It is a difficult role to be in as you are only in the game for 3-4 at-bats a game and that’s it.

It is a challenging thing to be a good hitter without playing in the field because you have to keep your head in the game without being a part of the defense. There are plenty of players who are great hitters but have admitted that they can’t be a DH because they feel it takes them out of the game. It will be interesting to see what David Ross’s philosophy will be on the topic.

There are players who will almost never be a designated hitter on the Cubs. You can expect Javier BaezKris Bryant, and Anthony Rizzo to almost always be in their spots on the field. A guy like Jason Heyward is specifically on the team for the defense at this point so don’t ever expect him in the DH spot. These are the three players on the team that are most likely to be in that role: