Chicago Bears: Three reasons to want Russell Wilson

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Chicago Bears Russell Wilson

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bears need a quarterback. If a guy like Russell Wilson was on his way out of Seattle, the Bears would be very wise to go after him.

The Chicago Bears need help in a lot of areas. They were an elite team in 2018 thanks to their great defense and offense that was just good enough. They fell off in 2019 for a lot of different reasons but the offense was the main reason why. They need to start addressing these issues otherwise they are going to continue being a mediocre team with a few one-off playoff berths that see them out after the first round.

One guy who knows a whole lot about winning is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. He has been a brilliant quarterback ever since he stepped foot in the NFL. He has everything that a good team needs in a quarterback to help them win.

There are rumors going around right now that he might have been on the block not too long ago. The report is that the Seattle Seahawks had an offer on the table to the Cleveland Browns for the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Their plan, in all likelihood, was to draft Baker Mayfield with that pick and have him make much less money than Wilson so they can keep some of their other position players.

Well, it turns out to be great for the Seahawks that it didn’t happen. We don’t know exactly what will happen with Mayfield but he will never be Russell Wilson in all likelihood. If the Seattle Seahawks ever shopped him around again, the Chicago Bears should go after him for these three reasons:

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