Chicago Bears should pounce on Russell Wilson when available

The Chicago Bears have no quarterback of the future but if they can get Russell Wilson at any point they have to pounce on that.

The Chicago Bears have no history of great play under center. Jay Cutler is the best quarterback to ever play for the squad and he had many warts. The history of the defense has a long list of elite franchise level players that have been great but no true success is every going to be sustained without a franchise quarterback. They need to somehow get themselves a much better quarterback and fast.

You all know about the fact that general manager Ryan Pace selected Mitchell Trubisky with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Yes, Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson were on the board which makes the fact that Trubisky is bad even worse. Well, it is over and done with and now they need to make it right. They can’t go back and change the pick but they can look ahead and address the issue.

There have been some rumors surrounding Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The rumor is that Seattle offered Wilson to the Cleveland Browns ahead of the 2018 NFL Draft in order to obtain the number one overall pick. The likely reason why is so they can keep some of their very good players at other positions and draft Baker Mayfield in order to have their starting quarterback on a rookie deal.

That would have been a terrible decision by Seattle and they should be so happy it didn’t happen. We still don’t know where Mayfield falls between being a lousy, good, or great player but he is no Russell Wilson and likely never will be. You can make a fair argument that right here in 2020, only Patrick Mahomes is better than Wilson. All-time, you would say that Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are better/more successful but at this stage of the game, Wilson is a beast.

If the Seahawks ever wanted to trade him when his contract allows, the Bears should do it. Even if it isn’t until the end of the 2021 season, it would still be worth it. He will still be in his early 30s by that point which could mean he has 5-to-8 years left. The Bears have never had a quarterback like that playing for them.

Wilson is so good for a lot of reasons. He fits some of the most eye-popping throws into the tightest windows, scramble with the best of them, and is a great teammate. Obviously, we haven’t met him personally but all signs point to him being a genuine human being that is willing to do what he needs to win. The Bears would have to lose some players making a lot of money, but adding Wilson would automatically make them a contender. Even if you slightly weakened the defense but added Wilson, that is a very good football team.

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The bottom line is that if Chicago ever saw that Seattle was shopping him, they should do what they need to do. There is not a single player on the Chicago Bears roster right now that helps them win football games more than he would. We don’t even know who will be starting week one between Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles so adding a guy like Wilson in their place down the road is a no brainer.