Chicago Cubs: Three players that COVID might force them to trade

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Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The Chicago Cubs are losing a lot of revenue right now because of COVID-19. That might cause them to shed some payroll which means a few trades.

The Chicago Cubs are a team that is in trouble right now. Every team is in trouble thanks to the COVID-19 virus that has taken over our country. There are some teams that might not be able to pay their bills by the time this is all said and done and those teams are even worse off. The Cubs are in a bad spot because of the way they make their money.

The Cubs are down 70% of their revenue right now thanks to the coronavirus. That is a large chunk for them to be losing thanks to not playing games. The reason that is the case is that they are losing all the money they would be getting from the scene of Wrigley Field. The Cubs own a lot of the land and businesses that surround Wrigley Field so all of that money lost is going to hurt them. This loss in revenue is going to make things difficult on them from a baseball point of view for a while.

The Cubs have a high payroll. Just because they don’t spend it wisely doesn’t mean that they aren’t spending a boatload of money on their players. The fact that they are going to go through some financial difficulty means that they are going to have to make some tough decisions soon. They might be looking to shed some salary as soon as this upcoming offseason which could cause some good players to be on the move.

This virus might make it difficult for any big-time player to get the money that they thought they were going to get before this all happened. These are the three players that are in danger of being traded so the Cubs can shed some payroll:

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