Chicago Bears 2020 Schedule: 3 intriguing matchups

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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

There are some intriguing matchups on the Chicago Bears 2020 schedule which was announced on Thursday.

On Thursday, the NFL officially released the 2020 regular-season schedule and we learned when the Chicago Bears would play each of their opponents. As we begin to look forward to the start of the 2020 season, a number of highly intriguing matchups on the schedule start to emerge.

While other major sports seem to be stuck in limbo, the NFL is “full-steam ahead” on playing football this season. The one thing it has in its favor is time. Fortunately, for the league, the COVID-19 pandemic hit during their offseason, and so they have not been impacted to the same degree as say Major League Baseball or the National Basketball Association.

That’s been great news for fans who have relied on the NFL for a distraction and as a means to get its sports fix during this time. Both free agency and the NFL Draft provided a much-needed distraction from the pandemic.

Now, with the release of the schedule, comes excitement and hope for this year. As of now, the plan is to play all 16 games, though the league apparently has contingency plans in place just in case they need to reduce the number of games.

Although the teams which the Bears would play have been known for a while, the when was not known until Thursday. So let’s take a look at the most intriguing games on the schedule in order, starting with Week 5.

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