Chicago Bears 2020 Schedule: A few early, intriguing leaks

The 2020 NFL Schedule is released later today, but for now, we have seen a few official leaks for the Chicago Bears.

It is yet another day in the NFL world where fans are eagerly anticipating something that matters. Recently, we all had the 2020 NFL Draft and got to enjoy that weekend, and now, us Chicago Bears fans get to find out when we see them suit up against the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, among others.

Well, before we even see the official schedule release later on, there have been some official leaks from well-respected sources in Chicago.

First and foremost, I acknowledge that there were several so-called leaks earlier in the week and they were all from sources not to be completely trusted. However, this Bears source knows his stuff.

Danny Perkins of Chicago’s 670 The Score tweeted some news on Thursday morning and, let’s just say, Bears fans should get real excited.

First and foremost, Week 1 against the Detroit Lions goes against all of the rumors saying the NFC North plays against the AFC South to begin the season. Chicago appears to be starting the season on the road with a divisional foe, and will get its first look at rookie running back D’Andre Swift.

Obviously, the next and possibly most exciting highlight of these leaks is seeing the Bucs at Soldier Field. Bears fans will see Brady in a new uniform for the first time and Chicago gets its chance to win a big game early on in the season.

One big highlight I want to shed light on is the fact that the Bears look to have at least four prime time games. If you check in Parkins’ next tweet, he says that the Bears’ game against the Bucs will be on Thursday Night Football, thus giving them a fourth prime time game at minimum.

The other two come against the Los Angeles Rams and Minnesota Vikings. Obviously, the Bears had a great, memorable prime time victory over both of those teams two years ago during their NFC North title season.

Unlike last year, the Bears do not play on Thanksgiving. However, they do get a chance to play in prime time that weekend against their most hated rival, Green Bay. What a weekend for us Bears fans. Thanksgiving is spent eating all of the food and enjoying plenty of football, and just three days later it’s game time, for real.

Should all of these leaks come to fruition, I’d say we have plenty to be excited about already. The rest of the schedule is gravy at this point, because knowing they have four games on a national stage is more than enough to be anxious for. Now, we await the rest coming later tonight.