Chicago Bulls: New York Knicks became as hated as Detroit Pistons

The Chicago Bulls had a lot of rivals through their dynasty and the New York Knicks grew higher and higher on that list as time went on.

The Chicago Bulls had to go through some really good teams en route to their six NBA Titles that they won in the 1990s. They developed some huge rivalries over the years as a result. Everyone wanted to beat the Bulls which makes sense because they were the best. The most notable rival so far from “The Last Dance” documentary is the one that the Bulls formed with the Detroit Pistons.

The Pistons won the NBA Title in 1989 and 1990 to go back to back. The Bulls had been defeated by them in both of those runs and a total of three years in a row. It seemed like they were gonna be a thorn in each other’s side for a long time. The Pistons started to, however, fall off after the Bulls started to string some titles together.

Michael Jordan has often mentioned that Madison Square Garden in Manhatten, New York is his favorite road venue. He has called it the Mecca of basketball. Well, during his time with the
Bulls they formed a nice little rivalry with the team that plays there in the New York Knicks.

The Knicks were in the shoes that the Bulls were in when they kept losing to the Detroit Pistons. They looked like a very good team that might be able to dethrone them one day. Well,  The Bulls and the Knicks have played each other in the playoffs a total of seven times. One came in the early 80s before Jordan came along but the rest were from 89-96. The Bulls are 6-1 all-time against the Knicks in their playoff histories.

The only time that the Knicks defeated the Chicago Bulls in the playoffs was in 1994. That season was the one that Jordan was absent to play baseball. They never beat the Bulls in a series that both teams were at full strength. It was clearly a team that was starting to form a serious rivalry with the Bulls but were never able to overcome them. The Bulls were, lucky for them, able to eventually overcome the Pistons.

Since the Bulls’ dynasty has ended, both teams have turned into a joke. It is a shame that they both have been as bad as they are but it is what it is. The NBA would be much better off if the two franchises were good again but that might be a while.