Chicago Bears: Roquan Smith is acting a fool amidst pandemic

Chicago Bears (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

When all of us should be doing our part to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chicago Bears linebacker Roquan Smith doesn’t seem to care.

The nation is enduring one of its toughest times in recent memory, but Chicago Bears linebacker Roquan Smith isn’t exactly doing what he can to help out his fellow human beings.

Say what you want about the COVID-19 pandemic going on. There are many folks out there on extreme ends of both spectrums and love to turn this into a political debate. But, the reality is this: There is a serious virus out there and people are dying — period.

While most of us should be hanging out at home as much as we can in order to stop the spread of coronavirus, Smith has had other ideas in mind. It appears as though he has been enjoying himself on a party boat somewhere sunny and tropical, and doing so with… porn stars? A video can be found here.

You read that right. Now, I know I’ll have a plethora of people read this and think, “Way to go dude! Live it up!” No disrespect, but that’s the wrong attitude. Whatever you choose to do in your spare time is your decision, but during a crisis like the one we’re battling right now? That’s simply idiotic.

The immediate way everyone found out what Smith was doing happened to come from his instagram story. Smith posted a photo of he and porn star Abella Danger, but he later deleted it. It’s almost as if he realized later that this was, oh I don’t know, a bad idea?

I can only imagine what head coach Matt Nagy, general manager Ryan Pace and other folks around the organization think of this. Again, it’s Smith’s prerogative to do what he wants on his own time. But, it’s ignorant and foolish to be doing something like this when he should be staying home as much as he can.

This is also not just on Smith. This is on every single one of those people on that boat. All of them are completely foolish for thinking this is even remotely O.K.

But, for an NFL player to put himself in this type of position and post it to his social media is baffling. It’s even more telling for him to delete it later on.

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Smith’s actions are unacceptable. They are foolish, selfish and, in my opinion, utterly repulsive. He needs to get himself back into a safer spot for the time being, and save whatever pornographic nonsense he’s into for some other time. The Bears organization should be appalled, upset and embarrassed by his actions. There’s no other way to say it.