Chicago Bears: 2021 trade packages for Aaron Rodgers

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Chicago Bears, Mitchell Trubisky

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bears are locked into their quarterbacks for 2020, but what if Aaron Rodgers was available in 2021 for them to acquire?

The Chicago Bears are locked into Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles going into 2020. They are going to need one of those two to step up and play well otherwise 2020’s season is going to be similar to the very mediocre 2019. 2018 was a brilliant year but they took a major step back in 2019 because of one position. They don’t even have average quarterback play which has led to them wasting a year of their elite defense.

There was some discussion on a local radio station called ESPN 1000. Friend of the program, David Kaplan, and his crew discussed what it would take for Rodgers to come to play for the Chicago Bears. They gave plenty of reasons why it would be a good idea and why it would be a bad idea.

Aaron Rodgers might be on his way out of Green Bay after the decision they made to draft Jordan Love from Utah State. It is hard to see Love sitting on the bench for four years or more so this could lead to Rodgers playing for another team one day. What if that team really did turn out to be the Bears? 

A lot of people simply don’t want him because of the fact that he is a Packer. That might be the most ridiculous thing ever if he is capable of playing quarterback at a high level. Jim McMahon went and played for the Packers late in his career, former Detroit Pistons star Dennis Rodman came to play for the Chicago Bulls, and Johnny Damon played for the New York Yankees late in his career after becoming a Boston Red Sox postseason legend.

The fact of the matter is that winning is important. Yes, by the time the 2020 season starts, Rodgers will be 37 years old. With that said, at that age, he is probably still going to be a significantly better option than anything the Bears have. These are three packages that might get it done after this year:

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