Latest MLB plan would be fun for Cubs and White Sox fans

Major League Baseball’s latest realignment proposal would be fun for fans of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox.

If the latest plan for Major League Baseball realignment comes to fruition, fans of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox could be in for a real treat for this season. As you may be aware, MLB has been tinkering with a number of ideas and proposals for how to get a semblance of a season in for 2020.

It feels like every week or so another proposal is leaked (more like floated as a test balloon) outlining how the league might be able to play baseball while minimizing travel and practicing social distancing as much as possible.

You may recall another recent realignment proposal we outlined that would spell trouble for the White Sox. In it, MLB contemplated realigning the teams into six divisions split among two leagues. Under that proposal, the White Sox would have been in the same division as some other powerhouse teams.

While the most recent proposal is really no better from a competitive advantage standpoint for the Sox — or the Cubs for that matter — it would be a blast for the fans.

Under this proposal, all 30 teams would be split up into 3 10-team divisions organized entirely by geography. MLB would abandon the American League and National League distinctions and instead opt for a more geographical friendly alignment.

The newly constituted Central Division would consist of the Cubs, Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins, Atlanta Braves, and Detroit Tigers.

While it would be a gauntlet for both Chicago teams, imagine the fun and excitement around playing your geographical rivals. Simply squaring off against your inter-city rivals more often each year would be worth it. But now you add the Indians, Twins and Braves, three other quality teams, and you can start to see how new rivalries could easily emerge.

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The competition might be stiffer, but this season, if it happens, will already be a grind for players due to the unprecedented circumstances under which they will be playing. So why not at least add something else for the fans, who probably won’t be able to attend any games? It could be fun.

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