Chicago Blackhawks: Firing John McDonough is random, huge news

The Chicago Blackhawks made a very unexpected firing on Monday afternoon when they let John McDonough go after a decade of success with the franchise.

The Chicago Blackhawks have made a huge decision. They randomly announced on Monday afternoon that they have fired John McDonough as the CEO and President of the Chicago Blackhawks. He has been with the team for a long time and had some success but it is long overdue for him to be gone now. There have been some really good times but it was time to move on.

Rocky Wirtz announced this news on Monday which came as a bit of a surprise. He made it known that McDonough, Stan Bowman, and head coach Jeremy Colliton would be back next season but now you can’t believe him. McDonough is gone so you have to wonder what that means for the future of this team’s front office.

Bowman has made some unforgivable mistakes under McDonough’s watch like trading Artemi Panarin, Teuvo Teravainen, and firing coach Joel Quenneville. This franchise seems to have had a few years left of dominance but some bad decisions have led to them falling off a bit early. Guys like Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have never been better yet the team stinks.

This may or may not spark a big change in the rest of the front office. The randomness of the announcement makes it seem like that may be likely. The season is also not technically over yet as the league is currently on pause due to the coronavirus. They are the first team to make some sort of big announcement like this. It may spark other teams to start resuming business operations more as the league tries to come back, but one thing for sure is that John McDonough won’t be there when they do.

It has been bad lately in Chicago hockey but there were some good times under McDonough to. When he came in after some time with the Chicago Cubs, he rebuilt this Chicago. Blackhawks team from the front office out. They ended up winning the Stanley Cup three times over a decade of dominance. With that said, things weren’t great at the end and it was time to move on. Now, we wait to see if this was the first big move of many.