Notre Dame Football: Chase Claypool is officially in NFL

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are always pumping out NFL players and Chase Claypool is the latest example of their great program.

Notre Dame wide receiver Chase Claypool has officially been drafted to the NFL. He was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers with the 49th overall pick in the 2nd round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He is going to go play for them next season and live out his NFL dream. The Steelers are in a very contentious division but they could come back and make a run in 2020.

Claypool had an amazing season or the Irish in 2020. He had a great season in 2019 with incredible stats for the Irish. He had 1037 yards on 66 receptions in 13 games for the Irish. He had 13 touchdowns as well so he averaged a touchdown a week. There is no doubt that he had a brilliant year to end his collegiate career.

The Steelers are getting a stud with this pick as they look to improve their roster. They don’t have Antonio Brown anymore and nobody knows how long Juju Smith-Shuster is going to be there. Claypool will have a chance to make an impact on their offense right away. We don’t know how long Ben Rothlesburger will be there as he ages but they might be looking for their future quarterback soon anyway.

This could be a very good pick for Pittsburgh as they look to have a retool on their offense. Notre Dame continues to push NFL players into the NFL. Just a few picks prior to Claypool going, the Chicago Bears selected Cole Kmet. Kmet and Claypool were both key players on Notre Dame’s offense in 2019.

The Irish are going to need some people to step up in order to replace players like Claypool and Kmet. It is cool to see these guys move on the NFL but they will surely be missed. Either way, Pittsburgh is getting a good one. He should have a big impact right away.