Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky has big news on Chase Daniel’s webcast

Mitchell Trubisky (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Mitchell Trubisky (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

Football fans are craving league news,  and Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky delivered by joining former teammate, Chase Daniel on his new webcast series, “Chase Chats.”

While the NFL Draft looms into the night, Chicago Bears quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky joined former Bears signal caller, Chase Daniel on his new webcast series, “Chase Chats.”

While this was a more conversational webcast episode, it was evident that Trubisky was extremely relaxed, and looked very confident with where he is both mentally and physically.

One of the biggest nuggets of the webcast came when Chase Daniel asked the North Carolina product how rehabilitation was going in relation to his injured shoulder.

Well, it looks like Mitch is very much so back and better than ever…

So other than knocking off some rust, you can omit injury fatigue from being a hindrance during the quarterback competition this coming season.

Another interesting tidbit that came out during the webcast was Trubisky’s 2017 NFL Draft night experience. With the 2020 NFL Draft just hours away, Chase Daniel asked the former second-overall pick how his draft night unfolded, and Trubisky did not disappoint…

When discussing how it went in the green room, Trubisky said, “it was a very cool experience” and had no idea that Chicago would pick him when they traded up to second-overall.

The kicker? The Bears forgot to call Trubisky on draft night…

That’s right… Well, the Bears most likely didn’t “forget” to call Trubisky to let him know he’d be headed to the windy city. Instead, time was probably of the essence due to extensive trade talks with the San Francisco 49ers front office.

With things being rushed, I’m sure Pace wanted to make sure that the trade was approved by league officials and that the pick had been submitted in time. I mean, that’s “conviction,” right?

Either way, here was Trubisky walking onto the stage, feeling the bright lights — and heading right into post-selection interviews, all without ever being spoken to by the Bears brass. That’s just so fitting, right?

It’s too bad that Bears fans didn’t hear something to a different tune, say Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson? Alright, enough…

A couple more quick hitters that Trubisky shared with the online viewers were that he is watching the critically acclaimed Chicago Bulls documentary, “The Last Dance” while also “binge watching” Netflix series, “Ozark” and “Money Heist.” Sometimes it just feels good to know that we’re doing the same ole things as a professional athlete, right?

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To be entirely honest, I give Trubisky huge props for heading onto Chase Daniel’s webcast. The easy route would have been pushing off the interview until the draft had passed and the Bears were headed into the season. Letting the dust settle, if you will?

The one thing that really stuck with me from the interview? Trubisky’s persona. His urbane demeanor with how he spoke, looked and carrier himself. Okay, am I going Jay Cutler Era crazy?

I don’t want to be that guy, but after seeing Mitchell start to crack and crumble under the enormous amounts of pressure during the tail end of last season, it was refreshing to see #10 looking cool, calm and collected.

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Will it carry on into the the 2020 NFL season? One can only hope. Either way, it’s easy to root for Mitch and hope that he succeeds with the Bears. I mean, that is the best case scenario for the upcoming season, correct? Well, we shall see…