Chicago Bears: Three reasons to trade Mitchell Trubisky

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Chicago Bears, Mitchell Trubisky, Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bears officially have a quarterback controversy but they might be able to avoid that from happening if they traded one of them away.

The Chicago Bears are in an interesting spot. Their GM is not the best according to a lot of fans but there are definitely some pros and cons. He has missed in the early rounds of almost every draft he has been a part of with the Bears. He has, however, been pretty great in the later rounds of those same drafts. He has also built one of the best defenses in the National Football League. He has also put together an offense that has been completely inept.

A large reason for the offense being so bad is absolutely the play at the quarterback position. Yes, they need some players on their offensive line and another receiver. They also only really added Jimmy Graham as a tight end which is a major position of need for their offense. He really only has one chance left to get this offense going so he can take advantage of that great defense that he has put together.

Now, there will be a decision to be made as far as who the team’s starting quarterback will be on Opening Day of the NFL season. They traded for Nick Foles from the Jacksonville Jaguars last week so that makes people wonder if it will be him or Mitchell Trubisky under center in 2020. If the Bears were to trade Mitchell Trubisky now then they wouldn’t have that dilemma on their hands. These are the three reasons that they should trade Trubisky to another team right now:

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