Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky punched in face by Barstool Sports Caleb Pressley

Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Hindsight is 20/20, but maybe the Bears should’ve dug a bit deeper when evaluating Mitchell Trubisky coming out of college….

Well, obviously you read the headline… As I had mentioned previously, hindsight is 20/20, and I don’t mean to rag on Mitchell Trubisky, but I couldn’t help but to put out this crazy story I heard while tuned into Barstool Sports‘ “Failing Upwards” podcast. However, let us examine the situation involving the Chicago Bears quarterback a bit further before we dive into storytime.

Barstool Sport’s star, Caleb Pressley is currently 27-years old and has known Trubisky since their days back at the University of North Carolina. Actually, Pressley was with the Tar Heels football program for a brief stint while Trubisky was playing in Chapel Hill.

Since that time, Pressley has gone on record that Trubisky and himself had become “best friends,” while even starting to live together as college roommates. However, the incident occurred when Pressley had finished playing football for the Tar Heel’s and had first begun blogging for Barstool Sports.

If you’d like to hear the audio of the story, please feel free to listen and fast forward to the 1:34:30 time mark. However, according to Pressley, the story went a bit like this…

"“I got in a fight with Mitch [Trubisky] one time… Yeah, we were at the beach and he kept talking. I think this is when I first started at Barstool, and we were living together, we lived together at the time and we had bunk beds, like queen bunk beds. I was top, cost $500 bucks and so we were splitting rent, it was like $200 a person. It was the best living situation, but we were together all the time and I had just started at Barstool, I think and… He was giving me a hard time, I think, about Barstool or something. It was like late at night and we had been out and he was like, ‘Mr. Barstool! Oh, Mr. Barstool!’I was like, ‘Alright, dude… You got to quit it, bro!’ and then he kept going, and people were egging him on. So I was like, ‘Bro! You got to quit it — We’re in an Uber.’ and I was like, “Fine, if you don’t quit it… I’m gonna like…” then he said something else, and we got in an… I actually, I hit him and he didn’t hit back. I got out of the car and hit him while he was in the car. He hasn’t forgiven me to this day.”"

Not a great look for the former second-overall pick. A backup quarterback decking the star of the team? Not great for the image. To add, if that wasn’t bad enough, later on in the discussion Pressley was asked where he hit Trubisky, and he goes on stating…

"“I didn’t kill him, but I think I gave him like a bloody nose and since then he never forgave me for it… He never lets me forget it…”"

Well, it seems that Trubisky has forgiven Pressley regarding the incident, as the two are still very much close friends. However, one has to hope that Trubisky cleans up his game and improves on the field or he very well may be joining Pressley at Barstool Sports sooner rather than later.

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All jokes aside, we have to hope Trubisky regains his confidence and shows up to camp firing on all cylinders. The best thing that can happen for the Bears is a bonafide quarterback competition where they end up with two passers who are performing at a high-level. Either way, it’s always fun having a little light-hearted storytime mixed into the chaos of the real world.