Chicago Sports: 10 athletes who looked odd in different uniforms

Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears ( Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images )
Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears ( Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images ) /
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Mike Ditka, Chicago Bears
Mike Ditka, Chicago Bears (Photo by RHONA WISE/AFP via Getty Images) /

1. Mike Ditka 

In 1997, Mike Ditka would become the head coach of the New Orleans Saints after 11 years of running the Bears.

The former tight end turned head coach 106-62 with the Bears, making the playoffs seven times. Under Ditka, the Bears won the division six times, with those being six in seven seasons. After leaving the Bears in 1992, Ditka would return to coaching, where he’d coach the Saints.

With the Saints, he didn’t find much success. They went 15-33 with Ditka as their head coach, which hurt his career record. Even though he had the itch to coach again, there was no need. It wasn’t going to help or hurt him. He went from winning 71% of his games as a coach to 24%.

After his run with the Saints, he got involved with the Bears again. Later on, he would be on pre-shows before night games, where he’d always pick “Da Bears” to win if they were playing.

The Hall of Famer started his career under the great Tom Landry. The coach under Ditka who is the most well-known was Buddy Ryan. Ryan and Ditka would have a rivalry after Ryan left to coach the Eagles.

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No matter what you think of Ditka, you have to respect him. He is one of the greatest coaches in NFL History. He was a special coach with a personality that isn’t even possible to describe. Hopefully, the Bears can find a way to win as the ’85 Bears did. Us fans have waited long enough.