Chicago Blackhawks: Five players who were great this year

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Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane
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The Chicago Blackhawks didn’t have the best season but there were some individuals that did have really good years despite the team underperforming.

The Chicago Blackhawks didn’t have all that good of a year. With the league paused, we still await the decision on how they are going to handle the playoffs if at all. If they expand the playoffs to 24 teams, remarkably the Blackhawks would be in. That doesn’t however, mean that they had a good year. They weren’t even close to making it had this season ended normally.

With that said, they have still had some players play well despite the lack of team success. In order for Chicago to take a step next year, these players need to continue to play well if they are still there but their supporting cast needs to step it up. It is on management to make sure that these players who are carrying their weight don’t see more productive years go to waste.

Of course, this team has a couple of living legends still playing on it. There are a few of them that will make this list of players that carried their weight in 2019-20 and they should be able to do so for at least five more years. This team has been capable of finding gems in the past that help support them and they need to do that again.

The management team that currently runs the Chicago Blackhawks hasn’t had a good three years. It might not be wise to be letting them make any more decisions going forward but that is on ownership. Either way, these five players should be proud of the way they played for Chicago during the 2019-20 season: