Chicago Bears: Three teams that would help Mitchell Trubiksy

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Chicago Bears, Mitchell Trubisky
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Seattle Seahawks

Obviously, the Seattle Seahawks would not be offering a stating position to Mitchell Trubisky. They have Russell Wilson who is one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League. He is a Super Bowl Champion with another appearance in the big game. He has a lot of the same skill sets as Trubisky as far as using athleticism to make plays but he is just so much better at doing it.

With that said, playing behind Wilson might be really good for Mitch. He would be the backup that can learn an offense that fits his skill set a lot more than the Bears one does. He would also be playing under Pete Carroll who might be able to maximize his potential. If Wilson was ever injured and couldn’t play, Trubisky might be a good candidate for the Seahawks to have waiting in the wings.

They currently have nobody set as their second or third-string so acquiring Trubisky might be something they could look into. It would be good for everyone because the Bears could move on, the Seahawks can get their backup, and Trubisky would be able to go have a fresh start somewhere else.  This would be a move that benefits all three parties involved.