Chicago Bears show why they are beloved by the fans

Chicago Bears (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are beloved in the City of Chicago, and they recently reminded us all why.

There is a reason they call the Chicago Bears “the beloved” around town. In a city filled with so many professional and college sports teams, it is no secret that the one which fans hold closest to their heart are the Monsters of the Midway.

For a variety of reasons, fans have a strong love affair with this team. Perhaps it’s because of the popularity of the sport as a whole, or the fact that a city like Chicago full of resilient, tough, blue-collar folks enjoy watching a team and sport sharing many of the same characteristics.

However, there is another reason that may not be spoken about enough and that is the level of involvement this team has in its community. It is not just “philanthropy” or writing a check. These players genuinely care about the city and are actively involved in making it a better place.

And it appears the most recent crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, has only served to underscore just how much these players, who are also members of the community, care about those around them.

Allen Robinson‘s Within Reach Foundation is teaming up with the Greater Chicago Food Depository to help bring meals to children who are out of school because of the pandemic. For many children, school meals provide the only sustenance they’ll get all day. Without access to those meals, many children in the Chicago-area simply go without food.

Kudos to Robinson for recognizing the need and standing up to make a difference. Robinson has also agreed to match donations up to $12,000. But it’s not just A-Rob stepping up to the plate. Teammate Charles Leno has pledged $7,200 towards the cause, and no doubt other teammates will follow suit. Why? Because they not only care about the community within which they live, but they care about each other.

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It is why we, as fans, love this team, and can’t wait to see them back on the field. We are hopeful that this crisis ends as quickly as possible, but also thankful we have people like A-Rob and his teammates who care enough to help those in need.

If you would like to support this terrific cause, you can make a donation here, or visit Allen’s foundation for more information.