Chicago Bears: 3 Houston Roughnecks players to consider signing

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Chicago Bears Khalil Mack

(Photo by Thomas Campbell/XFL via Getty Images)

The Chicago Bears are looking to improve every day and the XFL might be the latest way for them to try and improve their roster.

The Chicago Bears had a miserable 8-8 2019 season. They were looked at as a Super Bowl contender going into the season because they had a defense that was the best in the league and an offense looking to take the next step. Well, the defense was still awesome but the offense was putrid. Now in 2020, they are looking to improve their team by any means necessary.

One way they might be able to improve their team is by looking at XFL free agents. The XFL played its inaugural season in 2020 but it was cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak. Now, those players that are good enough are looking for a chance in the National Football League. Teams like the Bears that are looking for improvements would be wise to at least consider a few of these players in free agency.

One team that stands out above the rest is the Houston Roughnecks. They are one of the original eight teams to make up the league in year one. They were, by far, the best team in the XFL before it was cut short. With their 5-0 record, they were cruising to having the best record in the league. They scored 21 touchdowns and only gave up 14 in the five games and that +7 differential was the best in the league.

If the Bears were looking for a new way to try and improve their team, the Houston Roughnecks might be their best option. They are the team that everyone should be looking to knab players from. These are the three players that the Bears should look at the most from this roster:

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