Chicago Bears: 3 trades to acquire more 2020 draft capital

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Trade No. 3

Pick no. 43 for a later second, plus a third-round pick

This is the part of the draft where Pace can shine. He is notorious for making moves in both the second and third rounds — see Montgomery as well as Anthony Miller.

Chicago owns pick no. 43 along with no. 50 — both in the second round. After that, the Bears do not pick again until no. 163. That’s over 100 picks between selections. For Pace to truly get the most out of what will be a deep second and third round, he has to make a move here.

If Pace can trade pick no. 43 and move back a little bit, while acquiring either a third or fourth-round pick at the same time, he has to do it. One team I would look at when it comes to acquiring a third rounder is the New York Jets, who own pick no. 48 in the second round.

If the Jets have a guy in mind who they hope to fall, and the Bears could swoop him up just five picks ahead, they’re a perfect partner. Think about a wide receiver at this stage, because the Jets have a need there. The Jets also own two third-round picks, which gives them ammo to move up and get somebody they might really like at no. 43.

Another team might be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who pick at no. 45 and own two picks in the fourth round. To move up just a couple of spots and get someone they really desire (let’s say, to appease a certain Tom Brady) they could choose to deal Chicago one of their fourth-round picks.

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Pace has a lot of options in terms of trading back, and I think it’s a strong possibility we see him do so in this year’s draft. Hopefully, he can make up for some lost ground at this stage in the game.