Chicago Bears: 3 options to replace Ryan Pace

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Mike Borgonzi

Still sick over passing up on Patrick Mahomes? Yes, that ship has sailed, but perhaps the Bears can bring in someone who was a part of the team that actually saw in Mahomes what he has become. While current Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach was the strongest advocate for Mahomes, Borgonzi, as the Director of Football Operations had a say in that evaluation and decision.

I had previously identified Borgonzi as a strong candidate for the position following the end of the regular season. He has been with the Chiefs since 2009 during which time he has been promoted six times. During that time the team has drafted really well, but particularly well since 2013.

In other words, the organization has an eye for talent and Borgonzi has been a big part of that. He also has a connection with Nagy, so like Riddick, he could be appealing if ownership has a desire to keep Nagy after the season. But Borgonzi is someone who would be an ideal choice even if he wanted to bring in his own coach.

He has been a part of a successful organization at almost every level and has seen how to build a winner from a variety of perspectives. This experience will serve him well when he is looking to build out his own organization someday — perhaps with the Bears.