Chicago Bears Rumors: Insider says Nagy prefers Andy Dalton

Chicago Bears (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

Could Andy Dalton be on his way to the Chicago Bears? One well-respected source thinks Matt Nagy would prefer the Cincinnati Bengals passer.

Day 3 of NFL free agency is underway, and now, teams can soon make signings official. The Chicago Bears have made two notable moves thus far, bringing in a couple of veterans — one on each side of the ball.

On Day 1, the Bears signed tight end Jimmy Graham to a 2-year deal worth $16 million. While that was a questionable move, Ryan Pace made a much stronger move on Day 2.

Tuesday, Pace agreed to terms with two-time Pro Bowler and former All Pro pass rusher Robert Quinn, adding to an already-stacked defense.

Now, on Day 3, we may see some quarterback movement start to unfold. With Tom Brady choosing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philip Rivers heading to the Indianapolis Colts and Teddy Bridgewater agreeing with the Carolina Panthers, other quarterbacks around the league will begin to move as well.

Still on the market is a guy like Jameis Winston, who is a very polarizing player but might be an upgrade over Mitchell Trubisky. But, the odds are, Chicago might end up trading for a quarterback if anything..

Trade candidates include Cam Newton, Derek Carr, Andy Dalton and Nick Foles. At the moment, the Panthers may actually end up releasing Newton, and if they do, the Bears have reportedly shown interest. We’ll keep an eye on that.

Many outlets have reported that the decision could be down to either Foles or Dalton, though, and one Chicago insider believes he knows which one Matt Nagy prefers.

David Kaplan, of NBC Sports and a regular on ESPN 1000, said on air Wednesday morning that he believes Nagy prefers Dalton over Foles.

If that is the case, Bears fans better get used to the idea of a true quarterback competition in training camp. Instead of bringing in a surefire starter and sending Trubisky to the bench, it seems as though the Bears brass will have a hard time moving on from the former no. 2 overall pick.

As a fan, it’s tough to come to this realization. Many feel that Trubisky is not the guy and never will be, and with a roster that is clearly ready to win right now, the offense could be so much more with a clear-cut upgrade at quarterback.

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Maybe Pace continues to explore other options, especially if Newton hits the open market. Should the Panthers indeed cut him, Pace would have to be in on Newton. If not, watching what the Raiders do in the upcoming draft will be intriguing as well, just in case Carr also becomes available.